Columbus’s Best Priced Copiers

Why Purchasing or Leasing a MultiFunction Printer from Piper Cobey is your Best Choice


How About Saving 75% Off the Original Cost?

For over 25 years Piper Cobey Copier Service has been assisting customers with getting the absolute best quality copier at the best price in Columbus, Ohio. More businesses these days are looking for more cost effective solutions in the area of office equipment without sacrificing reliability, copy quality and service. We specialize in excellent condition multifunction copiers that have just came off lease. Our equipment has light previous usage, refurbished with low meters. The advantage of this is that you feel like you’ve gotten and new copier and also saved 50 - 75% off the original price! We’ll find the exact type of copy machine you are looking for at a great price by filling out our copier request form.

You might be asking what’s the difference that allows us to provide the best copiers and service at the lowest cost. The difference is Piper Cobey Copier Service is an Independent Copier Agent and not chained to the limitations of a traditional copier dealership. We saw a long time ago that big dealerships had their focus on maintaining their large corporate accounts while letting the little guy fall through the cracks. We also saw that small and medium sized businesses were paying higher copier lease prices and service contract rates because they had no other choice than the dealer. We were determined to provide another choice for businesses, an Independent Choice. Many years later we are still Columbus’s Independent Choice.

Independent vs. Dealer on Copier Sales, what’s the difference? To explain how working with an Independent benefits you, I need to first let you in on some insider information about the copier industry. The easiest way to explain this is to say, copier dealerships are like car dealerships, only they have no aftermarket to speak of. The reason for this is that copier dealerships have a quota of new sales they have to meet in order to keep selling that particular brand. That means they have to push new copier sales and renew customers copier leases as soon as possible to meet the demands of the manufacturer. So, where do all the used copiers go? The answer is that most of them go overseas to other countries where copiers are more expensive. This is good for other countries but not for you. 

You are missing out on the chance to get a great previously leased Canon, Sharp, Toshiba, KonicaMinolta, Xerox or Ricoh copier that is only a few years old for 75% off the new price. That means for example you could buy a digital multi-function copier with all the bells and whistles including print network, fax and scan that originally cost $15,000. for only $3750 and this translates into a low monthly payment of only $122 on a copier lease. Sounds like something you would like to not miss out on, right? Luckily, you don’t have to, as an Independent we have developed relationships with these wholesalers and they allow us to hand pick the best machines for our customers. 

If you are in the process of comparison shopping for the best price we have one important tip for you. Don’t Buy a Copier more than 60 miles from your location!. There are two types of phone calls we receive on a daily basis. The first is from people who have purchased from someone out of state and need their copier serviced because the company they bought it from won’t service it. The second type are calls from these same out of state companies asking us to service the equipment they sold in Columbus. The out of state equipment dealers top priority is to make a quick buck on you and then make a few calls to see if they can find service, usually with no results. Another tactic they are notorius for is outrageous shipping costs that will sometimes be more than the equipment purchase price, the cheap copier you found just got way more expensive when you add in shipping. The last and most important reason not to get a used copier shipped to you is you don’t know what your really going to get dropped off after you have paid for it. Until you actually get your hands on it you don’t know if it will even make a copy let alone be an effective piece of business equipment. 

Bottom line, buy local and secondly, buy from us. We have a long history of taking care of our customers. We are your local used copier experts, we have been servicing and refurbishing copiers for over twenty five years and know exactly what to look for to find the best copiers. We weed out possible lemons by identifying any mechanical or electrical components that could cause you a problem in the future. We also put the copier through a complete reconditioning process before you get it. We check all functions and replace any worn out parts, making there virtually no difference between your refurbished copier and a new one. When you buy a copier with us you will find out that our number one priority is you. We have seen many of our customers through numerous copier upgrades over the years. We hope you too, will become a satisfied customer and trust us to find you the best used copier available.