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How about an experience that is Twice as Nice at Half the Price?
We have been providing fast, dependable copy machine servicing in Columbus, Ohio for over 15 years. We have helped hundreds of small and large businesses maintain an uninterrupted work flow with quality copier service at half the cost. Many businesses these days are looking closer at their office equipment costs and searching for better options. Most large copier dealerships in Columbus charge around $200 per hour and some of them charge $150 just to show up, whether they fix your machine or not. Our service is half the price at $95 per hour and we stand behind our service with a guarantee that your problem will stay fixed. If you need service now fill out our Online Service Request or just give us a call at 614-262-7896 to schedule a service call.

If you are shopping around for lower cost and better support than you are currently getting from the dealer let us explain more how we are different. We identified many years ago that the Central Ohio area needed a different choice than the traditional copier dealer that has their focus on large corporate accounts. Piper Cobey Copier Service is Columbus’s Independent Choice. We maintain a limited number of clients so we can always give quality, personalized service; bigger does not mean better when it comes to repairing your copier. If you’re tired of copier dealers high cost service calls and maintenance contracts then it’s time for a different choice. If you want someone that knows who you are when you call and cares that your copier is not down for long periods of time then we are the right choice for you.

Independent vs. Dealer on Copier Repair. Columbus is much like other big cities, it has big copier dealerships that have thousands of customers and employ hundreds of technicians. This is great for them, a big city equals big profits but is this good for you as a customer? We say no and we’ll tell you why. The number one problem is that with a big dealer, you are just a number. When a dealers top priority is making sure their large corporate contracts are taken care, guess where that leaves small and medium size businesses. At the bottom of their list, right. Maybe you are already experiencing the effects of being at the bottom of the list. Is it hard getting your issues and concerns herd by someone who cares? Does your company suffer in the areas of response time, frequent call backs, timely toner replacements. That’s not the way it works at Piper Cobey, we listen to all our customers concerns. We want to know if something is not working for you, so we can provide the best service possible. 

Another problem you may be experiencing with your current service contract is the technician’s attitude. With the big dealers the techs are underpaid and overworked and the end result is bad service for you. Not only are they paid very little but with thousands of customers, they often won't see the same customer again for months. You might not think this is a problem until you get into the thinking of that technician. He is underpaid and overworked and he knows that the next time you call in for service, he has a 1 in 100 chance of it being him. This breeds a hit and run type of service for you. Quick fixes and a high service call ratio with numerous call backs and reoccurring problems. All you have to do to know this is true is to ask your secretary what she thinks of your current copier service. This is just another example of big dealer profits equaling a bad end result for you, the customer. We’ll make sure your bottom line never suffers because of bad copier service. As an Independent, we maintain a limited number of service contracts. That way we can make sure you always get the personal attention you deserve. Our top priority is you, our promise is great service at a great priceContact us for immediate service or get a quote on a service contract